About Rat Pack Cycling Club

Our Story

RPCC started as most independent clubs might, a few like-minded people getting together for a ride and a good chat.

For us, we were three young fathers who saw cycling as a good way to have a yarn, keep fit and explore the city we live in at a time graciously granted to us by the mothers of our children.

What started as a weekly ride, became much more than that and it only seemed right to mix our personalities with our passion and create a club out of it.

Rat Pack Cyclists

Our Values

Rat Pack - Look Out For Each Other

We look out for each other. We are a sisterhood/brotherhood who believe there is nothing more important than safety, because we all have family to come home to.

Rat Pack - Not Too Serious

We don't take ourselves too seriously. We put in the hard work, but believe whether you get to your destination first or last is irrelevant.

Rat Pack - Exploration

We are hell-bent on exploration - whether that is in your city, your town or somewhere completely new. Seeing the world through the eyes of a rider is something only a rider can explain.