From bikes to babies, how times have changed…

Russell Nevell

Posted May 12, 2019

2018 was my year on the bike.

300km’s a week, slaying those strava segments and drinking all the boutique coffee and cakes one could bear.  I was grammin’ my bike, travel pics and everything in between.  Early to bed, early the shred, this was my mantra.

…and now.

2019 my year of the baby. From rolling out of the house at 5am with the click click of 240 hubs, to rolling out of bed at 4am to the dulcet tones a crying baby.

From Rapha to rocking chairs, saddles to swaddles, bikes to bibs and parkups to popups!

My once LBS has now been replaced with my new LBB (local Baby Bunting) and my caffeine is no longer consumed for want, but need. These days, the ‘gram languishes and the body is tired, but not because of the gorges or races but because of the tiny terror that has increased our family by 50%.

The mancave has turned into a nursery and the bikes are now relegated to the balcony. Bouncers, bassinets, cots, play mats, safety plugs and who knows what else, have now taken over our home.

The Mondial is now Mindful Mothers.

How times have changed.

I used to grin ear to ear dropping mates, sprinting hills and having those social experiences.

Now, I grin ear to ear for a different reason…my son.

I survive on minimal sleep thinking how am I going to get through the day whilst managing a job that already drains my body and soul, however every time I hear his laugh, see his smile or watch him sleep (on the rare occasions), I realise that it is all worth it.

The pain, whilst no longer from lactic build up, pales in comparison to the reward.

You’re never really ready for a child but somehow you manage. It brings you closer to your parents and in turn you have a much greater respect for how they raised you and you begin to  wonder how you could ever do the same.

The hills, the beaches and the goat track races will always be there but these times with my son, I never want to miss.

From bikes to babies, how times have changed…to something I love.


  1. What a nice way of writing! All true and feeling exactly the same! All well said. Enjoy the parenthood and definitely the bike will now be with the kid.

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